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Powerful pumps for different branches worldwide.

Our range of pumps

The WINTER.pumpen GmbH is your contact for customized, powerful pump systems. The individual requirements of our customers is our top priority: no matter if industry, construction work or swimming pool technology – we deliver exactly the pump that is necessary for your company or project. On this website you can find an overview of our complete product range. Beyond standard solutions, customized products are possible. Contact us – we'd love to advise you personally!


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Pumps for every branch


Our products are so manifold as our customers. The only constant stays our quality claim. As an international producer the WINTER.pumpen GmbH stands for:


  • future orientated solutions
  • experience for decades
  • high-quality materials
  • quick and reliable delivery

Industrial pumps have to fulfill daily top performances – often under extreme conditions. Therefore we are not satisfied with the average. Our goal is reached, if pumps of the brand WINTER set new standards in your company, too. Depending on the areas of application you have different options.

Norm pumps

are single-stage, normal-priming spiral casing pumps that are for example used at ship building or in swimming pools.


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Centrifugal pumps

are used essentially for irrigation and drainage in industry as well as agriculture.


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Fire-fighting pumps

and booster stations build the basis for modern, effective fire-fighting systems.


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Filter pumps

can not only be found in swimming pools but are also used in industrial plants.


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Propeller pumps

are single-staged, normal-priming axial pumps in a compact and efficient design.


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Submersible/Immersion pumps

are single-staged spiral casing pumps with intermidate pipe and open impeller that are characterized by a highly complex design.


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Sewage/waste water pumps

are single-staged centrifugal pumps or vacuum pumps for pumping soiled fluids containing some solids.


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Splitcase pumps

have a double suction radial impeller with minimal radial force and a maximum efficiency level.


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Swimming pool pumps

are suitable for swimming pools inside or outside, counter-current systems or also massage showers.


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